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Square Root of 625

A Eureka Fanfic/Fanart Community

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Welcome to squarerootof625! We're a fanfic/fanart challenge community, based on other communities
like au100 & hewligan_100 only on a smaller scale.

This is how it works.

STEP ONE: FAQs are our friends. Please check out squarerootof625's FAQs post before you do anything else.

STEP TWO: Once you're sure you understand the rules of the comm, pop on over to this post to claim your pairing.

STEP THREE: Write 25 Eureka stories, or create 25 pieces of art centered around the prompts given in the 'Big Damn Mini Table' below. You're permitted to use a MAX of two (2) stories/art that you've already written/created--the point of this challenge community is to create new stories/art, not pimp old ones. Stories must be at least 500 words and have no length restrictions beyond that. All fanart must be a minimum of 300 pixels by 300 pixels. All stories/art are expected to be placed behind a cut.

As there are only 25 prompts, you can only use ONE prompt per story/art piece.

Spoiler warnings for Eureka Season 2 are expected in your author's/artist's notes; anything pertaining to season two should be considered a spoiler. If you're writing a crossover or creating an art crossover with a show that is still running (Supernatural, NCIS, CSI etc), spoilers should be included in your author's/artist's notes if your fic/art is about the current season for that show.

Your subject line should include the title, pairing, and the prompt you're using. Please use the following header for each of your stories/art.

Word Count:
Author's Notes:

Artist's Notes:

There are a few warnings that, if your story and/or art contains them, MUST be included in the warning section in the header. The following must be warned for: Non-Con, BDSM, Kink, Infidelity, Deathfic, ALL pairings MUST be included (no surprise pairings).

Below is the prompt table. Each of your stories/art should have something to do with the prompt you're using, however, how you choose to interpret that prompt is entirely up to you.

001.Friends 002.Strangers 003.Enemies 004.Lovers 005.Family
006.Bite 007.Lick 008.Suck 009.Stroke 010.Fuck
011.Rope 012.Toys 013.Fast 014.Slow 015.Unconventional
016.Touch 017.Taste 018.Smell 019.See 020.Hear
021.Night 022.Day 023.Light 024.Dark 025.Silence

Wanna snag the Big Damn Mini Table? Copy and paste the coding below into an LJ post.

STEP FOUR: Once you've finished all 25 of your stories/art pieces, go here so we can all Ooo and Ahhh over your awesomeness and pout that we haven't managed to finish our own...yet. ;)